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Chris A. Matthews LMFT-S, 

 Marriage & Relationship Counselor 

I work exclusively with couples and families in need of assistance navigating their relationships. I believe as a marriage and family therapist counselor and relationship coach, it is my job to be a co-pilot that assist you and your partner through the storms of conflict, infidelity, and life’s transitions such as premarital engagement, marriage, divorce, alcohol and substance use, child rearing, job and entrepreneur growth, and retirement. My approach to therapy is genuine, and I value the opportunity to be a part of change that offers you peace, insight, and tranquility. In addition to implementing best practice treatment modalities and utilizing my training as a marriage and family therapist supervisor (LMFT-S), and licensed clinical addiction specialist (LCAS), I also lean on my ability to empathize with my clients as a fellow relationship partner who has been married for 15 plus years with three kids. Click HERE to learn more about Chris. 

Upon submitting your therapy request form, I will contact you for a consultation call to determine if I will be a good fit for you and your partner. When you hire me as your relationship counselor you and your partner will both be given access to several resources including relationship assessments and admission into several of my online relationship courses, which will be used for your homework assignments. 

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