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How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

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Marriage counseling is a great way to create a safe and comfortable space for partners in which they can express their feelings, thoughts, needs, and wants. Especially for newly married couples, it is not uncommon to be shaken by the real world and bring stress into the marriage. The problem occurs when this stress grows so great that partners start to disagree on small issues over and over, causing unhealthy conflicts in their relationship. At this point, asking family and friends to help will just stir things up more since people tend to take the side of the person they are closest to, leading to even more conflict.

A professional marriage counselor does not take sides in therapy and helps couples find solutions to their problems to recreate a sense of peace in their marriage. Acting as mediators, marriage counselors help couples discuss and overcome the barriers in their marriage.

Are you feeling lost in your marriage? Do you have the same arguments over and over, struggling to communicate clearly while hurting each other?

Every married couple runs into obstacles in their relationship. Some couples overcome these problems more easily, while others need a little push. If you want to find a way out of the problems that have arisen in your marriage, consider that this might be the perfect time to seek help from a professional marriage counselor.

A good professional will help you work through the problems and build a satisfying relationship you both love. In your marriage counseling sessions, you will learn how to

Understand your needs and wants.

  • Express your thoughts.

  • Learn different ways to communicate.

  • Learn to listen and really hear each other.

  • Learn healthy ways to resolve conflicts in your marriage.

  • Improve intimacy and reconnect as partners.

  • Find more in common and share more moments together.

Determining the Cost of Marriage Counseling

First of all, you need to remember that you will need more than one session. Marriage counselors usually recommend that married couples come in consistently for at least 3 months. Furthermore, costs vary based on a variety of factors.

Costs vary based on location.

It is worth keeping in mind that the cost will vary based on your location. The best way to find out how much marriage counselors charge in your state is to Google “marriage counselors near me” =and check out the prices.

Costs vary based on experience.

Costs also vary based on the credentials and experience of your marriage counselor. For example, the higher education level a marriage counselor has reached and the more years of experience they have, the more they will typically charge. Counselors who are licensed will charge more, while others who are still working towards gaining their license, under the supervision of a licensed counselor, often charge less. It can be also cheaper to see a counselor who is still earning hours towards licensure, but they will have less experience. It is very important when choosing a marriage counselor to ask about their credentials and their experience.

Is the cost really worth it?

Without the help of marriage counselors, many couples who are struggling end up eventually turning to divorce. Apart from the obvious emotional costs, marriage counseling incurs fewer expenses than a divorce. The average cost of a divorce in America ranges from $15,000 to $30,000, depending on what is involved. When you compare the costs of the two, they don’t even come close.

So, how do you know if marriage counseling is worth the investment? First, marriage counseling costs vary across the country. As we discussed, couples counseling can range anywhere from $80 to $275 per session, depending on the level of training and experience of your therapist. Listed below are the fees for therapy services at Relationship Counseling Group:



60 Minute- Couple, Family, or Individual Session

$125 to $250

90 Minute- Couple, Family, or Individual Session

$190 to $375

120 Minute- Couple, Family, or Individual Session

$225 to $500

* Pricing varies depending on clinician skill level and experience

Now let’s look at the cost of couples therapy from a different angle. The average cost of divorce in the state of North Carolina is roughly $13,100. This may include attorney fees, the cost of maintaining separate households, child support, and childcare, and the list goes on. Many couples make the decision to invest in couples therapy when it is already too late, meaning one or both partners in the relationship have mentally and emotionally “checked-out” of the relationship. Divorce often feels like the only option for couples experiencing trust issues, infidelity, or exhaustion from trying to make the relationship work. However, choosing to invest in your relationship early on through trusted couples counseling can prevent an expensive divorce in the future.

Let’s suppose you and your partner decide to invest in couples counseling early on when you notice an increase in arguments and a decrease in relationship satisfaction. As a couple, you decide to invest in weekly 60-minute sessions priced at $100 per session. Your total at the end of treatment will be $1,000, compared to the $13,100 average cost of divorce in North Carolina.

Let’s suppose you and your partner decide to invest in couples counseling early on when you notice an increase in arguments and a decrease in relationship satisfaction. As a couple, you decide to invest in weekly 60-minute sessions priced at $100 per session. Your total at the end of treatment will be $1,000, compared to the $13,100 average cost of divorce in North Carolina.

Questions to Answer Before Seeking a Professional Marriage Counselor

Is marriage counseling covered by insurance companies?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Insurance companies will cover the cost of marriage counseling only when one or both partners are diagnosed with a mental health disorder. That means that most of the time, you’ll end up paying for marriage counseling out of your own pocket. But, don’t let this stop you from seeking counseling; we’ll discuss possible solutions in just a minute.

Why does marriage counseling take longer than individual therapy?

Relationships are complicated and their dynamics are complex. Marriage counseling takes longer than individual therapy. The assessment process alone can sometimes take up to three sessions. In addition, if you waited until the last minute to get help, the problems may have grown much bigger and more complicated, requiring a longer time in therapy to resolve.

Is marriage counseling worth it?

There is no way to guarantee that marriage counseling works every single time. Looking at the numbers, you can see that the chances are high, but keep in mind that marriage counseling is not just about the money. It’s about reliving the love and care within your relationship and bringing those positive emotions back into your lives. Compared to what money can buy, there is nothing that will bring you the same happiness that a healthy relationship can provide. Investing in counseling to keep your relationship healthy and strong can be priceless.

Is there a less expensive alternative?

Like we already discussed, higher prices usually dictate higher qualifications, more experience, and potentially more of a chance for successful therapy. That said, for many married couples with already huge expenses, financial issues can cause a tremendous amount of stress and tension. Many who seek marriage counseling turn away when they see the costs.

Be open with your prospective counselor. Not all marriage counselors are in it for the money, and if you explain that you are seriously interested in counseling, some may even negotiate their fees.

You can also look into government-funded mental health centers, which usually offer discounted or even free counseling services. If you are near a university or counseling training center, you can also look into your options there. Professionals who work under supervision will definitely charge less.

Another option is online marriage counseling. Without the costs of human resourcing and renting an office, online marriage counselors can offer counseling at much lower costs than counselors who offer their services in person, especially with the recent surge in telehealth offerings.

Finally, if you are struggling financially, you may be able to find a counselor with sliding fees, or take part in group therapy.

Not doing anything means the biggest loss.

You’re at risk for a lot of losses when you decide not to see a marriage counselor. First, there are the costs of divorce. The average cost of a divorce is $13,000, and that doesn’t include the legal fees or other assets you might lose, like your car, house, savings, and more. It also doesn’t include the divorce’s effects on the emotional and mental health of everyone involved, including your kids.

What is your marriage worth to you?

When it comes to marriage counseling, timing is important. It can be the difference between saving your marriage and walking away. Even if there is no guarantee of saving your marriage, it is to your advantage to invest in it. Marriage counseling is worth the cost, whether you are trying to save your marriage, or you just want to strengthen your relationship.

Are there are any other options?

Although marriage counseling can be costly in general, it is always less expensive than the alternatives, so it is undoubtedly worth it. If you are not sure if it’s right for you and your partner, you can always just commit to a first visit. Making the effort to find the help your marriage needs is a good idea. When you commit to marriage counseling, be sincere and truthful, and you will come to see that counseling is a profitable investment for your marriage. Maintaining a loving and caring marriage is not easy. It takes hard work and patience. Committing to an initial marriage counseling session is the first step to restoring the marriage or committed relationship you love.

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