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Arleta Nelson

Relationship and Personal Counselor

Arleta Nelson is a compassionate and dedicated counselor apprentice at Relationship Counseling Group, PLLC. With a profound respect for the intersection of spirituality and mental health, Arleta welcomes clients to bring their spiritual and faith-based beliefs into their counseling sessions. She understands the importance of faith and spirituality in shaping individuals' lives and relationships and is committed to integrating these beliefs into the therapeutic process.

Specializing in working with women, couples, and families, Arleta brings a holistic approach to her counseling practice. She recognizes the unique challenges that women face in various stages of life and provides a nurturing and empowering space for them to explore their concerns, heal from past wounds, and cultivate resilience.

In her work with couples, Arleta fosters open communication and understanding, helping partners navigate conflicts, strengthen their connection, and rebuild trust. She tailors her approach to each couple's specific needs, drawing from evidence-based techniques and a deep understanding of relational dynamics.

When working with couples and families, Arleta emphasizes the importance of fostering healthy communication patterns and promoting mutual respect and understanding among family members. She collaborates with families to address issues such as parenting challenges, family conflicts, and transitions, guiding them towards greater cohesion and harmony.

Arleta Nelson is currently accepting new clients and is dedicated to providing a supportive and transformative therapeutic experience. Whether you are seeking support as an individual, a couple, or a family, Arleta is committed to helping you navigate life's challenges and cultivate stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

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