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Infidelity Counseling
 Professional infidelity therapist at Relationship Counseling Group can help you start to heal from cheating in your marriage.

Cheating is one of the top reasons why relationships end, and one of the most common reasons why couples seek marriage or couples counseling. Sometimes, infidelity can be overcome, but other times it’s the nail in the coffin for an intimate relationship. Whether you’re hoping to avoid infidelity or you’re currently dealing with the aftermath of a partner cheating, you’ve come to the right place. Relationship Counseling Group is here to provide insightful, compassionate, and impactful skills to help you overcome the unique challenges of infidelity. Our infidelity therapy sessions in Charlotte center around building trust, opening communication, and managing boundaries and expectations within your marriage or partnership.

You deserve to feel safe, heard, and respected within your relationship, as does your partner. Taking the time to build a foundation of security is essential if you wish to prevent infidelity or recover from past infidelity. Our Charlotte marriage and couple counseling sessions are overseen by licensed marriage and family therapists who have extensive experience helping couples like you. Creating the kind of partnership that can withstand temptation takes time and effort, but we can show you the way. Our infidelity therapy sessions in Charlotte can be the first step to healing your relationship or moving past infidelity.


When infidelity or cheating occurs, it’s often the result of built-up resentment, deceit, or mismanaged communication. This kind of betrayal can be hard to come back from, which is why it’s essential to work with a licensed marriage and couple counseling professional in Charlotte you can trust. Every minute and every dollar you invest in repairing your relationship will be well spent, especially in the face of infidelity. Our infidelity counseling program could potentially save you the pain of heartbreak or support you in rebuilding your marriage after this kind of breach of trust.


If you are truly committed to maintaining a healthy, thriving relationship with your partner, reach out to Relationship Counseling Group’s infidelity therapy team in Charlotte now to schedule your appointment

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